Friday, April 16, 2010

Paper Tigers

In case you didn’t know already, maybe now you realize just how good an actor Samy Vellu really is. He actually puts all the movie actors in Tollywood to shame la. Looking at his smiling face standing on stage with his party’s candidate for Hulu Selangor just shows how slick of an actor this guy really is.

Amazing isn’t it? It is just amazing to see how wonderfully Samy’s rebranded MIC has come along. Having gotten a whipping in the last general elections, they go into a “lick your wounds” mode and promise to change. They promise to recognize the problems faced by their constituency, they promise to be more in tune with helping to resolves the peoples’ problems, and there were grand statements about cleaning up the bad image of the MIC as a failed, hopeless bunch of self-serving opportunists who seemed incapable of being independently strong enough to stand up against their master.

Well, we’ve now seen just how deep this rebranding has gone – and how pathetic the party continues to be. Just days ago we had all the chest thumping and loud barking by the MIC brass that Palanivel shall be the only MIC option for the Hulu Selangor. Oh yes, take it or leave it! Palanivel! Palanivel! Palanivel! We are our own party and we decide who will be our candidate. We want our party’s deputy president as the BN candidate for Hulu Selangor. What’s more, our branch leaders in Hulu Selangor will resign en masse if Palanivel is not the candidate.

Oh, how the paper tigers have been exposed! Now I’ve had others suggest some more graphic descriptions of this MIC. Let’s just say they’ve been referred to be lacking certain anatomical parts between their legs. But I personally think that the paper tiger description will suffice for me. Of course you’re free to disagree with me on which one of these two descriptions best fit for the MIC.

Either way, the bottom line is self-evident, is it not? This is a party that has tried to dress itself up different but underneath it all, it is the same as it has been: The Samy Vellu donkey cart in a Samy Vellu led circus with a cast of characters who, in the eyes of millions, look absolutely foolish and politically spineless.

So it’s hard to imagine just how, as with the MCA, the MIC could be regarded as a so-called equal partner in the BN coalition. It’s more like the estate mandore slapping the tambi around.

Now we shall see if the Indian voters in Hulu Selangor will continue this legacy of being the tambi and continue to do what the MIC has modeled for them or will they see the futility of being sold out by the MIC…again.

G. Krishnan